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Jan's XR7

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Original Curbster

Joined: 22 Jun 2005
Age: 57
Posts: 8150
Location: TX, USA

1969 Mercury Cougar XR7

PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 2:42 pm    Post subject: icon_note Jan's XR7 Reply with quote

Jan Ove:
Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 7:29 am

Holy Bat Crapman, it's getting crowded in here, so i better find my self a parking spot before it get's full
It's a 68 XR7 J code, buildt on March, six days ahead of schedule, started it's life in Texas in the hands of a Doc, Nordic Blue on the outside, and Dark Blue on the inside.
Sooo at the end of the 80's or beginning of 90's it ended up in the hands of John Benoits wife, and it was getting a restoration at the famous Cascade Classics, wheras it ended up getting the blue interior from a white 68 G cat, still the same Dark Blue color it's was originally, then it ended up in Port Angeles where i bought it in 1998, shipped it over here in 99, put those original SS wheels on the shelf and bolted on some American Racing TT II wheels.
the car was in perfect shape, and since i'm a painter i just couldn't keep my hands off, so in the fall 2000, i stripped it down, and shot on a new color, House of Kolor's Kameleon Kolor, painted the grille and tail light grilles Gloss black (cos i hate flat black) but left the finnes chromed, did some airbrushings inside the hood, next was to change out the seat covers, since the driver seat was showing some minor tear in the seams, but i still have the G covers tucked away, then i 2002 i got a second hood and bolted on a Eliminator style hood scoop witch got airbrushings ofcourse, and some ghostflames on the hood.
Most of the time i have just spent cruising and going to shows, got 19 throphys on it since i gave it some new color, 7 throphys for best paint, 6 throphys for best in show, one place best enginebay, the rest is various and 2.nd places.

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 2:13 pm

i do the airbrushings myself too, no pro on that part yet tho

Posted: Sat May 27, 2006 7:35 am

Dang it's been a while since i've updated my thread here O.o
Lots of stuff has beend done, did some minor modding to the inside, added a running cat emblem on my shifter handle (long time ago now)
Cleaned up my trunk so it got respectable to showing, i've also started to clean up my original styled steeel wheels, and is gonna use one of them as my spare wheel, so my trunk looks nicer 8)
Pics are in my gallery here
I also added new driving/fog lights to the cat, something that i've been thinking of doing for a few years, but finally got my rear dragged to the garage to actually do it

Sat Aug 05, 2006 11:36 am

Jeeezzz looks like it's time for yet an update
Well first off, just a sneak peak into my trunk
And as i mentioned earlier, i've installed some new driving lights, so i had to get some nightpics of how it looks with all the lights on.
I've also installed a new Dertoit True Trac locker, i just changed ut the lockes piece and used the gear ratio already in there, so i still have 3.00 ratio, but it is a bit more fun now
So i've made a few videoclips of my car too, can be seen here

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 4:00 pm

Here's a clip that shows the color effect in bright sunlight
and here's a clip that shows the color in a different light, and a better closeup of the ghostflames

Posted: Sun Oct 12, 2008 5:14 pm

WOW looks like it's time for a little updating here ;)

The car is now parked for the winter, and i've already pulled the engine and taken it apart, gonna put on new Edelbrock Performer RPM heads, and Airgap intake, new cam from Comp Cams, and ofcourse new pistons, rods, rings bearings and all those other thingys inside.
I'll be back with pics from the build up, when i get the parts, and start assembling the engine.
Luckily it's an easy job, as there are no wear signs on the cylinders, so it will only require honing [hr]Wow sure been a while since this one is updated ;)

Rewind, rewind, stop, play, yeah here we go...

Yeah pulled that engine, tore it apart, as mentioned there was no wear signs, so it just got honed, polished and measured the crank at a shop, they also did a steam washing on the block, and reassembled the bottom end, they didnīt want to install the new cam bearings, as they thought it would be too difficult to get the oil holes to line up, so i did that myself after i got the engine back.

Got it all assembled and run into some minor snag with the holes to attach accessory on the new heads, got that fixed and got it all installed in the car, got a start up and breaking in the cam, then found out car wouldnīt go anwhere, so down with the transmission, found the input shaft to the oilpump broken in two, figured i had installed the transmission and converter wrong, got that fixed and reassembled, start up and bang, same thing happened, so i figured iīd check the new TCI converter, itīs all marked with 24 splines, but after a check and counting on the splines, the converter was 26 splines, so new oilpump on the transmission, and installed with the old converter, so far so good.

started driving it some, but struggled with the temp a bit, thought i had drilled enough steam holes on the block for the new heads, but took off the heads to drill more, then discovered that the shop that did the honing and assembling the bottom end, did not gap the piston rings, as mentioned on the box, and by me when i talked to them, so the cylinders got torn.

Got a bit pissed and mad at that time, and where not interested in starting rebuilding the engine now, so i called a shop and ordered a new Ford Racing crate engine.
Hereīs the old engine out, and new engine in the crate, ready to get installed :)

Also converted it to disc brakes in the front

A very easy job to do, just a few hours was all it took, the most work on this conversion was to make a new line and get the adjustable brake proportional valve installed.
It was a straight forward and easy project, and all parts where included in the kit i bought from John at Cascade Classics

Now itīs all good
Finally finished and up and going took i ti for a 1500 miles trip to break in the engine, and it sure performed well :) Hereīs a pic of a 58 Buick Super, taken in the reflection from my rear quarter ;)

The last proceedings i have done, is to put on a oval walking cat air filter, and to put on new rubber bumper stops to the headlight covers, and adjusting them

I also put on TheRektmnīs headlight wiring harness with relays a while ago too, that was just a plug and play system, very easy to install, and itīs installed in just minutes, disconnect the old harness at the radiator support, plug in the new harness, mount the relays and sockets, connect + and - and youīre done [hr]The YouTube links will not work anymore, as i have deleted my YouTube and Google account due to dictatorish behavior from Google and YouTube, since i could not have my own settings there, they where overwriting them just minutes after i hit the "save my settings" button
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